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How Long Does a Root Canal Procedure Take?

There’s an age-old stigma associated with root canal treatment that suggests it is a long and painful experience, but with advancements in endodontic technology, a root canal is no more uncomfortable than any other dental procedure. Below, we dispel some of the myths surrounding root canal treatment and answer common patient questions.

How long does a root canal treatment take? Will I need more than one appointment?

Every patient is different, so the answer to this question depends on your unique circumstances. In most cases, one 60 to 90 minute treatment appointment is required to complete the root canal. In rare cases, the procedure may be split up into two separate appointments.

What happens during a root canal?

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what you can expect during your root canal procedure:

  1. You will discuss your symptoms and concerns with Dr. Lindemann. He will examine your tooth and take a digital x-ray, which allows us to view imaging on our computer immediately after the x-ray is taken.
  2. If Dr. Lindemann determines that you need a root canal, your tooth and the tissue surrounding it will be numbed using local anesthetic. This ensures that you won’t feel any pain during your treatment.
  3. A small opening is created through the crown of the tooth, allowing us to access the root canals and expose the pulp tissue.
  4. The damaged or infected pulp tissue is removed, then the canals are thoroughly cleaned.
  5. The canal is gently reshaped using a series of specialized endodontic instruments.
  6. A biocompatible material is used to seal the canal, then a temporary access filling is placed on the tooth.
  7. You’ll return to your referring dentist for a crown or other final restoration.

How painful is it to get a root canal?

For most patients, the pain of not getting a root canal when one is needed is far worse than the root canal itself. Despite the jokes people make comparing unpleasant experiences to root canals, our patients usually leave our office feeling better than when they came in. Endodontists are experts in relieving tooth pain; once the damaged or infected tissue is removed, you’ll feel better.

That said, you may experience some discomfort once the local anesthetic wears off. This is normal and can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medication. For a few days, you may notice sensitivity, so we recommend that you avoid chewing directly on the treated tooth until this resolves. After three to seven days, that sensitivity is usually gone.

Don’t Fear the Root Canal: Visit Lindemann Root Canal Specialists

Why go to a root canal specialist for your procedure? Because a specialist has the necessary experience, training, and equipment to make your root canal procedure as quick and comfortable as possible. The team at Lindemann Root Canal Specialists performs root canals and related endodontic procedures on a full-time basis. Focusing on just this type of dentistry allows them to hone their skills and streamline the process.

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